How Things Can Change In A Week…

My life has flipped upside down since I started this blog. I started a new position in a new industry, was asked to model in the Macy’s Herald Square Teach Me! beauty event with This That Beauty. Talk about summer sixteen…

I was honored to have my makeup done by Evelyn and Lucinda at the NARS counter at Macys–they were incredible and I highly recommend both of them for anytime you need your makeup done!– and did a “Barely-There Glam”. I’m going to let you all in on a secret: it took two makeup artists and approximately 58 minutes to create a Barely-There Glam look. It truly takes a village y’all.

Of course, I interrupted Evelyn the whole time I was getting my makeup done, poking and prodding at the products and asking her to describe her technique and detail of my makeup. She was fresh off of NARS training, and had a wealth of knowledge to share.

First, she applied the Aqua Gel Luminous Oil-Free moisturizer all over my face, which felt ah-mazing. It melted on my skin like buttah. Then the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation all over my face and neck. To be honest, I was wary about this foundation; reviews have been up in the air in the beauty community, and several people with oily skin have hated it. Evelyn explained to me all NARS foundations should be put on with fingers. Revolutionary difference. With one pump my skin was even-toned and glowing, not dewy, not oily, and perfected. Definitely putting on my shopping list for the fall. My under eye circles–which are more serious than you all can even imagine–were covered with the Radiant Creamy Concealer in Caramel and Amande mixed together (luckily for me, they just launched a new shade, Chesnut, which is right in between!) and NO setting powder, for a more natural finish.

For the eyelids, she brushed Tan lines, Rigel and Persia all over the lid and crease, and Coconut Grove on my lashline, and in my eyebrows ever so slightly just to define the shape. My under eyes were my personal favorite: she used Lanikai Lip Liner as an eyeliner–mind blown!–and it created a beautifully warm reddish-brown smokey effect. Surabaya Eyeshadow Duo in the inner corners and bam, eyes were done.

The new products from the fall line were Tasmania Lipgloss and Melina Contour Blush. I have been using NARS lipglosses for at least ten years, and the Gienah Contour Blush for a long while. The Melina Contour Blush is the answer for brown girls who need a cool-toned contour color, and Tasmania is a beautiful, natural pink.

Overall, this will go down as one of my favorite events I’ve ever been a part of: I got to dress up, get my makeup done, learn about product, and demonstrate how beautiful all women can be–naturally of course. 😉




Author: Bored Beauty

A bit obsessed with alliteration, Romans 12:2, Candle Hoarder, Makeup-obsessed.

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