The Beauty Project at Bobbi Brown Studios


I was invited by Oasis Ministries to “The Beauty Project” event at Bobbi Brown’s New Jersey studio. This was an incredible event, put on by a ministry of Christian women to mentor, give advice, and fellowship with girls in 7th-9th grade. I haven’t been around anyone in the upcoming generation in a long time, and it was so interesting to see the struggles they go through in the age of ever-evolving, ever-demanding social media. For most of the event, girls didn’t have their phones with them, and were asked questions about friends, boys, and growing up. The one piece of advice which stuck with me–and I am constantly reminding myself–is to guard your heart.

As someone with a HUGE heart, and is usually a big bundle of emotions, I struggle in finding a way to protect my heart, desires, and emotions without being overprotective and mean. It’s very difficult to find the balance, especially in 2016 where we’re expected to share everything. As if everyone owes the internet their life.

After the girls were done discussing, sharing stories, and eating cupcakes, they were set up for mini-makeovers by a Bobbi Brown artist. Bobbi Brown’s signature slogan is “Pretty Powerful”: resonating with women of all ages. The makeup you put on should not only make you feel pretty, but also like your best and most gorgeous self. Whether that’s au-natural with brows, lipgloss and concealer, or a full face beat-down, you should feel the power of looking like the very best woman you are. When I have a full face of makeup on, I feel like Xena the Warrior Princess. Queen of Sheba. Joan of Arc. Oprah. There should be no shame in that; it’s my best form of protection and expression in this big bold world.

Me and Carrington Brooks, a girl who radiates pride and confidence in herself.

As a Christian woman, I know how important it is to guard my heart and protect it. I can’t just give myself to anyone. It’s also important for me to pass down those lessons to younger–and even older–women out there. These young women learned so much from all the facilitators, but also from each other’s stories of strength, prosperity, and overcoming everyday teenage struggles. They each had a unique story, yet the common thread of keeping their bodies and minds as close to God’s will for them as possible.

Author: Bored Beauty

A bit obsessed with alliteration, Romans 12:2, Candle Hoarder, Makeup-obsessed.

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