My Box of Crayons

One of the best, quickest ways to either: slap some eye makeup on as quickly as possible, or create a base for the most flawless beat for every god and goddess in the galaxy and beyond, is an eye crayon. They’re the key to creating a finish which lasts all day, and will not budge. These even pass the gym test.


I decided to go with three very different brands: price range, texture, and colorway all range from high to low. Two of them happen to be discontinued, which just gives me another reason to go shopping; which reminds me, Sephora VIB Sale is coming up…expect a haul around here soon.

Avon Extralasting Eyeshadow Pencil in Bronze: This eyeshadow is the only one on the list which isn’t as long-lasting as it’s advertised, but gets better with time. It starts off on the eyes as a bright, orange-y copper shimmer and by the end of my workday turns into an antiqued burnished warm gold. It doesn’t crease too much but just shifts the color to be a bit deeper, in the prettiest way. I wear this shadow when I have 10 minutes for a light, bronzy makeup look and need something quick.

The Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Sand Dune: the matte of all mattes. This shadow stick is my absolute favorite for everyday wear; I put it all over my lid, lashline to browbone. Then let the creativity fly, and it seems like every eyeshadow pops just a bit more. Even mousy, everyday browns look more vibrant and warmer behind this intensely matte base.

Mally Beauty Evercolor Shadow Stick in Dusk:  Every. single.time I wear this eyeshadow, someone compliments me. Someone at work, on the train, on the street; the sparkle and pigment packed into this stick is unbelievable. It commands attention to the eyes;  despite even a giant hormonal pimple taking up real estate without payin’ rent on my face. It’s perfect for New Years, birthdays, or sometimes any ol’ weekday when you need some extra sparkle.

Author: Bored Beauty

A bit obsessed with alliteration, Romans 12:2, Candle Hoarder, Makeup-obsessed.

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