Why you need Willowbark Extract in your life

A few ingredients in the beauty industry are known as “holy grail”: Vitamin C, Lemongrass, Retinol, etc. I have never- I repeat, never- found a Vitamin C treatment that works on reducing my dark spots. Lemongrass smells amazing, has been fantastic for my hair, but has never done anything for my skin. Retinol, frankly, scares me to death. I’ve only used drugstore treatments, and they haven’t done much (anyone with suggestions, leave me a link in the comments!).

But this one, no one told me about: Willowbark Extract. After purchasing what I thought was a generic serum, the Origins Skin Renewal Serum: a month later I was left with no bumpy, porous texture and no zits, which everyone knows is a makeup lovers dream. Bring on the glittery highlighter.


Origins Skin Renewal Serum



After that serum (which I’m still convinced is made of beloved angel tears- seriously, go get yourself a bottle.) I purchased the Belief Problem Solution Essence. While this product gets some hate online from beauty bloggers because of the price, once you get a quarter of the way through the bottle, you’ll see why it’s worth every penny. After washing, toning, and serum-ing, I dabbed a pump and a half on my face and neck. It only took about two weeks to see results: my dark spots faded and my any texture or moon crater-sized pores were instantly shrunken down. Key ingredient in both of these treatments: Willowbark Extract.


Belif Problem Solution Essence


After doing some research on Willowbark Extract, I’ve found it has a natural occurrence of salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is a natural exfoliant, which helps with acne and cellular turnover. It’s a bit less harsh than chemical salicylic acid, which can tighten or tingle when applied; and while I love a good burn, sometimes the skin needs a bit more soothing. Think if aloe vera and Mario Badescu Drying Lotion had a baby. If you have the patience to wait just a few weeks to see results, it’s heavenly.

Recently I purchased the Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Serum, which does even more than the cover suggests; it helps with texture, fine lines, hydration, and evening skin tone. After 3 weeks, so far, so good.


Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Serum





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